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My DC3 Web

Where you can keep up-to-date on your education.

How to login to My DC3 Web

MyDC3Web is your connection to up-to-date class offerings, class schedule, final and midterm grades, transcript history and other important information throughout the year.

 To login into MyDC3Web:
1.    Enter your 6 digit User ID# in the UserID# field. (DO NOT enter the leading zeros)

2.    Click the I forgot my password to the right of the Login.  Click on Send New Password, a new password is generated and sent to your email.

3.   After logging in, change your password to something more meaningful by clicking on Personal Info.

4.  To provide DC3 with your current email address call the Records Office at (620) 227-9293 OR  stop by our Records Office located in the Student Union

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